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DesignSmythe is a web and graphic design firm. So . . .

What does a design firm have to do with a coffee shop?



Espresso–to express. Tell your story.

Stir–to inspire. Move people.

Uniform–be clean, conservative and consistent.

Stars–beat expectations

Shoot for Exultant JOY!


Everyone has a story to tell. You may think of it simply as “What I do…” but make it a story and use the web to tell the world. Say this. But say it inspired.


Life is just a series of days unless you’re stirred. Or, better yet, until you’ve stirred someone else with your life. What can you do to stir someone else today?


The way you appear. It says way more than it should. We don’t want to appear to be something we’re not. Especially if we’re better than we look. Be on purpose.


People are going to react to you. What they see, hear, feel. You can’t control everything but don’t you feel like it’s a worthy goal to control the things you can? You just might get five stars.

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