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How We Work

Three Steps to All the Clients You Want

Graphic Design for a Consistent Identity DesignSmythe is committed to helping you establish a pleasing, effective and consistent company identity. (Click here for our free 3Keys to Consistency article) So, from an identity standpoint, we are a graphic design company. As important as a consistent corporate identity is, if you don’t have the tools to use that identity effectively, you have met all the conditions for being “all dressed up and no place to go.” 

A Website That Works DesignSmythe will work with you to compose a web site that speaks to your target market in a language they understand to do whatever you need done-whether that be to pre-sell, harvest interested prospects or actually sell your product or service. We know your business because we have been in your business. So, DesignSmythe has a website design hat, too. 

Marketing Taskmaster for Contractors When we put on our marketing hat, DesignSmythe offers both the education, the plan and the gentle nudge to create and carry out a marketing plan that ensures your company’s visibility.

You get all three disciplines working together to finally make marketing work for you!

Here’s what you can expect:

Your business will now be visible. One of the reasons the phone is not ringing often enough is because your prospects simply don’t see you. By establishing a consistent identity, your name and your message will be seen and heard.

You will position your business in a place that is “just a little bit higher” than your competition. You don’t have to give away your products and you don’t have to leap tall buildings with a single bound. Youdo have to be seen as better and different than your competition.

You will have all the customers you need. Our plans are proven, not theoretical, so you can now see your realized income rise to what was only potential income before.

Watch your income increase. Let’s face it. If you only have one or two prospects it’s hard to price your services for profitability. But, if you have all the customers you need, you can price for profitability.

You will use new technology to bring you business. The Internet to is not new anymore but, to use it effectively, you simply must view this incredible tool through the eyes of your prospects. You’ll learn to tune your Internet marketing to station WII FM (What’s In It For Me)-even if you’re just starting out.

We will help you Do It. It’s not what you know; it’s what you do. Okay, you have to know and do. If you’re like most contractors though, you feel overwhelmed by the marketing task. We will help you take the information we’ve given you (and you’ve given us) and put it into action.

Our Approach


Do you like to be “sold”? Neither do I. And neither do your prospects. The old school method of selling followed a rigid four-step process: interest, conviction, desire and CLOSE. You could call this “repulsive selling”.

Independent contractors today realize that most sales happen, not because you found the right person, but because you found the right situation. Since you can’t know when that situation is going to happen, there must be a relationship with a lot of people. Then, when that situation rolls around you are there to help. I’ve heard this called Attraction Marketing, but we just think of it as dealing with people the way we want to be dealt with.

When that situation happens, your prospect wants to have some answers before sealing the deal. Questions like, “what’s in it for me?”, “is this person credible?”, and “do they understand me and my problems?”. You, Independent Contractor simply must answer these questions or you will be trying to sell, sell, sell-repulsively.

Maybe you are one of the many who are attempting to market your business based on “thirty years of quality and integrity”, “we’re the best”, “look at my degree or other credentials”, “great customer service” or the many other ways of focusing on yourself and what you do. If that is what you’re doing, you’re repelling the very ones you want to attract.

Graphic Design
We make unfair judgments all the time. And your prospects make unfair judgments about you and your business too. 

The truth is that your company’s identity is critical to making that first impression a positive one. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

When someone asks me how much a professionally designed and prepared identity costs, I always think, “Not near as much as a thrown-together, shoddy, inconsistent one does.”

We will start with a “mark” or “logo” that is conceptually YOU. If you have one you love, fine. If not, that’s where we start. Then we incorporate that into a look and feel that identifies your company.

Website Design
Are you catching on that all of this works together? Your web site is a perfect example: Let’s say you have a web site that is absolutely perfect-under whatever definition you want to use. It sings. It dances. It washes the dishes and puts them away. Important as this is, if no one knows about your site, it’s like having a Ferrari in your driveway, but no fuel to run it. It looks great, but it doesn’t work.

Are you like many independent contractors that have an idea that they need a web site, but can’t articulate what they want it to do? Amazon sells books; eBay sells everything else; but how can a web site sell what you do? 

Maybe you have had a nagging suspicion that a web site cannot actually sell what you do.

You’re right-and wrong.

Yet your site will be the very center of your marketing plan and it is absolutely essential that you have an effective, client-attracting website. Your site will prepare your prospects to become clients. It will give prospects all the information they need to:

• know exactly what you do
• know how you go about doing what you do
• determine if you are right for them
• see how you are different from your competition
• stay in touch (or allow you to stay in touch with them!)

DesignSmythe, LLC is your source for unified and effective marketing, graphic design and website design. Give your business the gift of visibility this year.

Many contractors still operate under the old paradigm of “do it cheap and do it quick.” The new paradigm revolves around pricing for value, not time; and dealing from the client’s vantage point in every part of your business. In this day, where shared values influence the final decision (sometimes a lot), I want you to know that I am committed to ethical, moral, and verifiable results. I am absolutely committed to enhancing your business’s success. 

For instance:
* If you call me, you will almost certainly get me. If I am not in the office, your call is transferred to my mobile phone. I want to be in touch with you during business hours-at least.

* If you send me e-mail, you will receive a reply within four hours as long as I am not on the road. 

* You have my solemn commitment that I will never lie to you or for you. 

A virtual business: You may have noticed I switched from “we” to “I” in the paragraph above. My name is Doug Saylor and I own DesignSmythe. I am a real person who lives in Waco Texas. DesignSmythe is a single-person limited liability company that employs other people and companies to carry out a variety of services. For instance, I do almost all the design work for web sites, but employ Cedar Creek Software, a very talented lady in Austin or a freelancer in London for the actual coding. So, whether we use “I” or I use “we”, it’s still “me.”Almost all of my business is conducted over the Internet and phone or in seminars conducted by our educational arm, ceuWOW.

Our primary Communications vehicle is our weekly e-zine, “Marketing That Gives”. You can subscribe here. (The bottom of each edition has a button to easily un-subscribe and we will never share your email address with anyone-period.)

Now that you know whom we work for and the results you can expect by working with DesignSmythe and our approach and philosophy of working with clients, next go to Our Services page to learn about the specific services we offer.