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Our Services

DesignSmythe offers full-service design and marketing services to contractors

From logos and creating a consistent identity to building a web site that markets you and your expertise-and driving your market to your site.

Graphic Design

DesignSmythe offers first to analyze your current “look.” Then, we will work with you to establish your look so that your customers and prospects see you. Have you been frustrated that your marketplace doesn’t seem to see you? Have you taken advantage of “good deals” or taken the path of least resistance in ordering your invoices? Do they “come pretty close” to the look of your business card? We will start at this foundational level. For more information, click here.

Web Sites That Work for Contractors

The web can be an incredibly helpful tool or, just a pretty picture that does nothing. What makes the difference? We take the mystery out of this new medium of marketing by boiling it down to about nine pages. Don’t think it’s just the format, though. Format is everything after you have the content. Most contractors don’t know what they are selling. Most contractors talk about their processes, machines and people. Most contractors need to click here for more information.

Creating a Marketing Plan

Most of us know that we need to market but feel we don’t have the time. Or, the attempts we’ve made in the past just didn’t work. Or, maybe you are unsure of what to do next. Like your company’s finances, marketing must be done. Why? Because you have seen (or will see) what happens when you don’t. The lack of marketing may not show up as quickly as ignoring your finances, but the result is the same. Click here for more.