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Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

Do you like to be “sold”?  Neither do I.  And neither do your prospects.  The old school method of selling followed a rigid four-step process: interest, conviction, desire and CLOSE.   You could call this “repulsive selling”. 

Independent contractors today realize that most sales happen, not because you found the right person, but because you found the right situation.  Since you can’t know when that situation is going to happen, there must be a relationship with a lot of people.  Then, when that situation rolls around you are there to help.   I’ve heard this called Attraction Marketing, but we just think of it as dealing with people the way we want to be dealt with.

When that situation happens, your prospect wants to have some answers before sealing the deal.  Questions like, “what’s in it for me?”, “is this person credible?”, and “do they understand me and my problems?”.  You, Independent Contractor simply must answer these questions or you will be trying to sell, sell, sell—repulsively.

Maybe you are one of the many who are attempting to market your business based on “thirty years of quality and integrity”, “we’re the best”, “look at my degree or other credentials”, “great customer service” or the many other ways of focusing on yourself and what you do.  If that is what you’re doing, you’re repelling the very ones you want to attract.