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Website Design

Are you catching on that all of this works together?  Your web site is a perfect example: Let’s say you have a web site that is absolutely perfect—under whatever definition you want to use.  It sings.  It dances.  It washes the dishes and puts them away.  Important as this is, if no one knows about your site, it’s like having a Ferrari in your driveway, but no fuel to run it.  It looks great, but it doesn’t work.

Are you like many companies that have an idea that they need a web site, but can’t articulate what they want it to do?  Amazon sells books; eBay sells everything else; but how can a web site sell what you do?  

Maybe you have had a nagging suspicion that a web site cannot actually sell what you do.

You’re probably right—and wrong. 

Yet your site will be the very center of your marketing plan and it is absolutely essential that you have an effective, client-attracting websiteYour site will prepare your prospects to become clients or customers.  It will give prospects all the information they need to:

            •            know exactly what you do

            •            know how you go about doing what you do

            •            determine if you are right for them

            •            see how you are different from your competition

            •            stay in touch (or allow you to stay in touch with them!)


DesignSmythe can be your source for unified and effective graphic and website design.  Give your business the gift of an effective visibility this year.