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Package Design

Specializing in feed and accessory packaging for the Companion Animal Market

We Start With The End

This Whole Grain Chicken Scratch is the Product but what we want is healthy chickens–both cocks and hens.

Sample Case: Texas Natural Feeds

Texas Natural Feeds came to me because they knew they needed to update their bag design.  What worked well in farm feed stores was getting dated and the company had aspirations of growing into the “big box” agricultural places like Orscheln’s and Atwoods.  This “before” picture is what we started with.  It represented two iterations of the same product–Layer Crumbles and Layer Pellets–identified by the sewn-on tag only.

Texas Natural Feeds had grown a loyal following from animal owners who were not comfortable with genetically modified organisms (GMO) in their feed.  Their formula was a hit, but the market was changing to even include pet chickens.  They wanted to appeal to that market as well.

A New Look For Texas Natural Feeds…

…and a new way of thinking about their packaging.  Instead of it being primarily about The Company or The Product. We recommended a much more customer-centric perspective of picturing what the product would do–produce healthy chicks, strong, tasty eggs and healthy adult chickens.

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