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DesignSmythe's Site Is Being Updated

We're in the process of moving the site from there to here!

Freelance Web Design

Simple Brochure Sites to E-Commerce

Cloud Comfortable

During these days of COVID 19, your presence on the Internet just took a giant leap toward Now-Is-The-Time. 

Problem Solvers

We’d love to work with you to see how you can come out of this worldwide hiccup better than you went into it.

Giving You Tools

Ultimately, our job is to get you going so you have the tools to keep yourself going.  We can do this!

Our Story

DesignSmythe is a graphics design studio in central Texas.  Doug Saylor (that’s me) is the principal but YOU are a powerful contributor if you want to be–and we know most of you DO want to have an active voice in the whole design process.  In addition to that, we will use other freelancers from all over the world for specific tasks.  

  • Web Design 80% 80%
  • Social Media 60% 60%
  • Branding 50% 50%
  • Social Media 90% 90%
Doug Saylor

Doug Saylor


Hello.  I’m Doug and I’ll be the person you see and talk to.  If this looks a little “small,” it’s because we are gloriously uncomplicated (and small).

(Did you notice the Gestalt closure in my mug shot?  The simple curve at the bottom works to make a perceived circle…or, at least, that’s the theory.)

The Updated Site Will Be Up In: